Lender or Real Estate Agent – Who Do I Pick First | Houston TX | Houston Broker Team

Choosing between a lender and a real estate agent when embarking on your home-buying journey can be a difficult decision. In this weekly Danvice, Dani Antelo sheds light on this challenge, offering valuable insights into the sequence of selecting the right professionals for a smooth home purchase in Houston, Texas.

Dani recommends picking your real estate agent first. Her reasoning is both practical and strategic. As a seasoned real estate professional, she knows the ins and outs of the industry and the nuances of the local market.

The importance of this sequence lies in the fact that not all lenders are created equal. Dani candidly shares her experience of working with lenders who have caused deals to fall through due to delays, low appraisals, or last-minute loan denials. This can result in a significant waste of time, money, and immense frustration for the homebuyer.

By selecting a real estate agent first, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge and connections in the local market. They can recommend reliable and trustworthy local lenders, inspectors, and contractors who understand the area and can help you navigate potential obstacles.

Dani’s example of favoring offers with local lenders over big banks in a multiple-offer situation emphasizes the advantage of having a real estate agent who understands the market intricacies. This not only boosts your chances of securing your dream home but also ensures a smoother and more reliable transaction.

In essence, Dani’s Danvice boils down to building a team of professionals who have a proven track record in your specific market. Starting with a reputable real estate agent is the first step toward ensuring your home purchase is a successful and satisfying experience. So, if you’re contemplating buying a home in Houston, take Dani’s advice to heart and reach out to her for more information to make your home buying journey a breeze.

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