Today engineer Idalia Guerra joins me to talk about how you can convert the ditch in front of your house into usable parking space that will boost your property’s curb appeal. 

Feel free to follow along in the video above, or you can use the timestamps below to navigate the conversation at your leisure: 

0:44—Delving a little into Idalia’s career background  
1:23—The initial steps you must take to convert your ditch
2:03—What you can do with your ditch if you don’t want to turn it into more parking 
2:36—Addressing flooding concerns
3:22—Getting a topographical survey, having the civil engineer’s drawings reviewed by the city, and pulling your permit 
4:37—Hiring your contractor 
5:17—Who the ditch property belongs to and who’s responsible for maintaining it
6:40—How the added parking boosts curb appeal and improves public safety 
8:19—Idalia shows you an example of how to cover a ditch

If you have any questions about how to “ditch” your ditch or you have any other real estate needs I can take care of, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you. 

**Disclaimer: as of July 1, 2019, all plans must be approved by the city of Houston and planning commission.