People often tell me they can’t buy a home for a variety of reasons. They can’t afford it, it’s not the right time, and so on. My response is always this: How do you know?

If you haven’t done your homework, you really have no idea whether you can buy or not. You may be surprised to find you’re more ready than you think. In fact, I’ve written a book on how to find out.

My book, “How to Buy a House in Houston, TX,” will give you everything you need to know about getting ready to start the home search. The very first step in the process is setting up a meeting with a lender. They’ll look at your finances, credit, and more to determine what you can afford.

“There are always great opportunities in Houston real estate.”

There are always great opportunities in Houston real estate, especially now that we’re undergoing a shift toward a buyer’s market.

If you’re ready to begin your search, have any questions, or would like to learn more, give me a call at 713-494-8170 or email I look forward to hearing from you soon.