Of course you need the right Realtor to help you buy a home, but they must have the right team around them to make the process smooth. Here’s how our team works.



The game of buying a home has a few clear rules—that’s why, in order to play and win, you need to have the right team on your side. Here’s how our team takes transactions from start to finish.

The first two people involved in the process are your Realtor and lender. Realtors make sure that you’re prepared to make the best purchase possible. Lenders help guide you through the home-buying process while also keeping your budget and priorities in mind. 

“The home inspector’s job is to protect your investment.”

Once we have the right numbers to work with, we’ll send you a bunch of homes that meet your criteria and then help you make a competitive offer on the right home. 

Once your contract is accepted, the title company will receive that contract, begin the title search, and produce their title commitment, which will be sent to all parties in the transaction.

The home inspector then comes in to protect your investment. They’re here to make sure there is nothing wrong with the home’s structure or its systems.

During this time, you’ll prepare for life’s unexpected happenings by securing home insurance. Flood insurance isn’t always required, but every home in Houston is in a flood zone, so you should strongly consider it.

Next, it’s back to the title company so they can handle things behind the scenes and make sure all the details are there to run smoothly. Then it’s time for an appraisal. Finally, we make sure that you’re set up with the one-year home warranty that we offer to all our buyers at closing. Should systems fail to normal wear and tear, this warranty covers all replacements.

Then it’s time for the final walk through, get funded, and close and move. As you can see, none of us dropped the ball for the entire video above.

A big thanks to our friends and partners at Supreme Lending, Allegiance Title, Red Star Inspections, Stewart Insurance, First American Home Warranty, and One Source Moving for helping us show how the perfect team works in harmony.

If you have any questions for us or any of our partners, feel free to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.