5 Common Real Estate Myths Debunked

I grew up thinking that if I left my house with wet hair, that I would catch a cold. Recently speaking to my dad he said “Dani, you know that’s a myth, right?”

While I still choose to dry my hair before leaving my home, here are 5 real estate myths that I have personally proved to be false.

1. Remodeling your home always Yield dividends when you sell- Well, many don’t. Engage your real estate agent before deciding where to spend money. Some updates will make your home attractive but don’t count on getting back dollar for dollar spent.

2. Your house is worth what your neighbor’s/ friend’s sold for – Remember, every situation is different! Comparables and property condition will determine the worth of your home.

3. If you sell the home yourself you will save money! Did you know that only 11% of sellers actually succeed at selling on their own. And if they do, Those FSBO homes sell for about 26% less on average than those who sell with a professional realtor.

4. The highest offer is always the best- Price is important, but it’s not everything! Sometimes a sooner closing, a lease back or an offer without a contingency ends up being better than price. This will be determined by your unique situation.

5. Don’t accept the first offer- Actually, sometimes the first offer is the best one. Just because it arrived quickly, doesn’t mean you should disregard it, especially when you have no other offers in hand. A quick offer means your realtor positioned your home for success.

What other real estate myths would you like to uncover? Contact me today

Houston Broker Team
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