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Planning to buy your dream house in Houston, Texas? While the process of navigating one of the biggest investments can be complicated and overwhelming, our team of buyer specialists can make it a successful and smooth. The Houston Broker Team is here to help in every step of your real estate journey.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide tips for buying a home and a 10-step guide. If you are thinking of buying a home in Houston, you should consider our assistance.

For starters, don’t miss this great opportunity of receiving the 10-step Buyers’ guide. It’s FREE! Yes, you read that right. FREE! It’s as simple as subscribing and we will send the Buyers’ Guide. As soon as you receive this information you will take a deep breath and feel relieved. With this information you will feel more comfortable about the process that you are about to embark on. Ten 10 Easy Steps and tips about everything you need to consider as a real estate buyer. Request it today by following the link below.

In a nutshell, these are some of the important facts you will get from the Buyer’s Guide:

Down Payment and typical information your lender will require to get your Pre-approval.

The importance of finding the best real estate agent that will accompany you throughout your transaction. Pointing you to the best lender, meeting and completing your needs assessment, and finding houses within your budget.

Once you are preapproved and found the best agent, It’s Showtime! Your agent will create a list of homes according to your needs and start booking private showings.

Ready to make an offer? Your agent’s expertise and negotiation skills will make the offer stand out and help negotiate the purchase price and terms for the home.

Once the offer is accepted the documents are signed. Earnest and option payments are made. All this information will be presented in detail by your agent. You are officially under contract!

Now is the time to schedule a home inspection to make sure the home does not have any underlying issues and ensure there are no deficiencies with the property.

Most lenders require an appraisal of the property to verify that the sale price is in line with the market value.

Once the inspection and appraisal are completed, the road to closing begins. At this point a few things are addressed such as home insurance, a title search, and home warranty, if applicable.

Before closing time, a property walk-through is scheduled. On closing day, all paperwork signing will take place, and closing costs are due.

Now you are ready to Move in and you are officially a Homeowner. Congratulations!

Request your 10-step Buyers’ Guide today. If you are ready to embark on this journey, book a FREE consultation with us. We will be happy to give you a detailed explanation of the entire process of buying your dream home.

Daniela Antelo

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Daniela is a real estate broker working in Houston, TX since 2011, helping hundreds of buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. She knows the questions, the concerns and the information that buyers constantly seek, which is what inspired her to put everything you need to truly know in one place, eliminating the need to look elsewhere.

“Owning my home has been one of the most rewarding achievements of my life, and my goal is to share the same feeling with all of you. Let me help you on your real estate journey!” — Daniela Antelo

Daniela Antelo


Living here for over 10 years and helping buyers & sellers throughout Houston, I want to make sure it is done RIGHT!