How to Get Your House Sold | Best House Transaction

Sellers, write this down!!! The Best Transaction is the one that closes. Yep, not necessarily the highest offer on the table, but the one that closes. Period. The end.

Let’s start with can the buyer close. In a multiple offer situation, the highest offer may look fantastic, but if the buyer doesn’t have the funds to complete the purchase the offer is no good. Verifying the buyers position is critical before accepting a contract. Also make sure you read the terms of the offer to ensure you remove as many contingencies as possible.

Be flexible! Focus on your end goal and leave ego aside. I completely understand how someone can get offended if they receive a low offer. Instead of cursing it out and shoving it away, let’s dive into it. We can always counter that offer and meet somewhere that is favorable for both parties.

It’s all about your NET! When presented with an offer, what is your final net, money in your pocket after all is said and done? This is the number that you should care about, the most as a seller.

Once it’s done, You win! Don’t split hairs for a small difference to reach your price. Think of your priorities and use the profit to take you closer to your goals. Afterall the best transaction is the one that closes!

Selling your house can get messy, contact us today to learn more on how to close the deals.

Houston Broker Team
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