How to Use Property Descriptions to Sell Your Home

The way you describe a property on your listing, makes all the difference when positioning it in a buyer’s mind. Ultimately, you are selling a lifestyle! Not just a home. I love when I am browsing through listing pictures and I see an image of a kitchen, with the description at the bottom that says: “Kitchen.” No s#!t sherlock. Picture of bathroom that says, wait for it…. bathroom! Bravo, agent, you nailed it.
Here are some tips to make the best out of your property descriptions: Keep the property description concise but enticing As a listing agent, I always want to keep my descriptions concise but packed with enough content to entice curiosity. My ultimate goal is to help the new buyer FEEL something when they are reading my description. If you are a parent, could you imagine your children fighting over breakfast pancakes in your oversized quartz island that fits your entire family at the same time? Add benefits, don’t just list features I like to connect descriptive features to benefits. For example- instead of saying “backyard”, I would say something along the lines of “enjoy a sunset BBQ with your friends and family in this open green space, wide enough for a pergola or even a pool.” Which one sounds better to you? I personally try to avoid generic terms such as “spacious” or “pretty” as these don’t really add anything. Avoid words that show seller desperation I also try to avoid remarks such as “priced to sell” as this is just a red flag of seller desperation. Sell the location And finally, let’s sell the location! I often include images of nearby spots so out of towners or people who don’t know the area well can have a point of reference to nearby restaurants, commercial spots and parks. After all, the home is just a container of their life. Magritte, the famous Surrealist painter drew a pipe and said “this is not a pipe.” Same applies to listing descriptions. A kitchen is not a kitchen. A bathroom is not a bathroom. I encourage you to see beyond.
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