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In the age of rapidly advancing technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the promises of automation and artificial intelligence. However, when it comes to the most significant investment of your life, working with a robot for something as personal as buying or selling a home might not be the best choice. Daniela Antelo, a seasoned real estate professional, provides some invaluable insights in her weekly Danvice. Her message is clear: “Working with a robot for the biggest investment of your life is no bueno.”

While tech companies like OpenDoor and Zillow offer alternatives for buying and selling homes, Daniela emphasizes the human touch in real estate. She draws a meaningful analogy: when you have a toothache, you can search for solutions online, but there’s a vast difference between a web search and visiting a dentist. The dentist provides personalized care, listens to your concerns, and offers comfort and solutions. A robot, on the other hand, can’t replace that human connection.

Working with a realtor offers several advantages. They bring their expertise to the table, ensuring your home is market-ready, helping you set the right price, and devising effective marketing strategies. They act as problem-solvers, foreseeing issues before they occur, and providing support throughout the process. Daniela also highlights that realtors often save you money, and their service is typically free for buyers.

Furthermore, the personal connection and rapport between realtors and clients often extend beyond the transaction. Many clients become friends for life, and they even receive gifts at closing – a level of personalized care that a robot simply cannot provide.

In conclusion, Daniela’s advice is a reminder that real estate transactions are inherently human experiences. While technology has its place in the industry, there’s no substitute for the expertise, empathy, and personal touch that a qualified human realtor brings to the table. If you’re considering buying or selling a home, Daniela Antelo is a reliable guide you can count on. Contact her today for more information and stay tuned for her valuable weekly Danvice.

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