A good real estate title company improves the home purchase process for agents, sellers, and buyers.

Why is it important use a reputable title company when selling your property? Almost everyone who sells a home uses the services of a title company during the selling process. Before you can sell your house, you must “clear the title.” But what does that really mean? Having a clear title before the sale of your home is complete will help guarantee that no one else can claim the property you’re trying to sell as their own.
The title company will search public records, check out the history of the property such as looking for liens on the house, outstanding taxes, divorce decrees, or any other issues that could potentially pop up to delay closing. If any issues like these arise, you must clear them up before selling your home.
You want to work with a title company that has been around for some time, with an excellent track record. Your realtor is a great referral source for a title company!